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Create time-lapse videos using Photoshop CC 2017

If you are using the interval timer shooting feature in your DLSR camera, the latest version of Photoshop CC makes it a snap to turn your sequential time-lapse images into an MP4 video suitable for uploading to Facebook or any web application

The article on the right explains what time-lapse photography is and how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to prepare and process your sequential images.

Below is an example of interval timer images take recently during a major snowstorm. I had the camera set to capture shots every 10 minutes for about 5 hours. I used Lightroom to import the images and resize them to 1020 pixels wide, saved them as TIFFs and then imported them as sequential files into a video layer in Photoshop. After that – using Photoshops’ render video command in the Export… menu, an MP4 file was created – the results of what you can see