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Work of art in progress

I started blogging many years ago just for the sake of learning about the inner workings of blogging. As I learned more and more about the many tools available including web hosting and WordPress – I became more and more curious, going behind the scenes and learning about PHP, MySQL databases and Apache servers.

I like to think I am pretty good at it and while there is a lot more to learn, I pretty much cover the surface and be able to answer some questions from readers.

I get a lot questions about many of the topics I post articles on and when I find myself stumped, I research it and learn more about it so I can provide some intelligent response. Thanks to the vastness of the World Wide Web, you can find answers to just about anything and explore new ways of doing things like using Less and Sass to create and manage CSS stylesheets on your website, shooting photos of lightning storms at night (carefully of course), how to write a python script to get your Raspberry Pi devices to talk to one another and so on.

I will cover many of these topics and try to find new and emerging trends in many of these areas hoping to share some experiences with them.

That’s why I am calling this website a Work of Art in Progress. There are so many things out there and not enough time in ones life of cover them all!