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Author: ritgrad83

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Educate yourself in your own time   The Internet is a vast library of learning materials both free and with paid subscription.  Browsing on-line tutorials and courses may not replace a college degree or formal learning in an accredited university when looking for a job – but they can be useful secondary sources of information while studying or a great place to start learning something new to complement the skills you already have. If you can learn a new language or skill online and put it to use – this will make it much easier to complete a formal course of study which leads to a degree or certificate. Career wise – if you already have a degree and a job, but want to seek other positions – this will certainly help make you a more viable candidate. If you are looking for a job but don’t have a degree or certificate, don’t be surprised if your pay or benefits are lower than your college graduate peers. You can still get that degree or certificate with one big advantage – you already know the stuff. Programming and Web Development IT fields are still in high demand especially in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and health care.  The demands varies every year and new fields are still evolving. To insure that you are ready for any of these fields it’s always best...

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