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Author: ritgrad83

Scenes from Milan

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Capturing Images of Lightning Storms

This article provides tips on how to prepare to get good shots of lightning – safely. It goes into detail on planning, finding a good spot and recommended settings for your camera to capture unpredictable bursts of lightning. Below is an example of a shot I took from the front doorstep of my home as the storm was approaching and well before the heavy rains came. Article:...

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DIY lens calibration solution – DIY Photography

Whenever I buy a new lens, I have to calibrate it and AF fine tune five different DSLRs. Two are my primary stills shooters, and three are for video. But if I only have the video DSLRs out with me, and want to grab a few quick behind the scenes shots, I need to know […] Source: Nail your focus every single time with this DIY lens calibration solution – DIY...

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