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Author: ritgrad83

Using IOT to detect motion and sense temperature

I have a few Raspberry Pi computers laying around including the latest Pi Zero and Pi 3 models. Now I just need to figure out what cools things I can do and there are several ideas on the web. Here are ideas that I am pondering Detect  motion and send message to phone with photo Sense temperature and switch on appliance Time lapse photography Sense door or window left open Test and display ohm values in resistors To accomplish all of the above should be fairly straightforward thanks to the abundance of resources and materials online. There are many sites that provide excellent tutorials and how to instructions on completing these projects and I hope to share some of them here Below are some links that I have found and many more will be added soon: Raspberry Pi Arduino

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Moving from Static Website to WordPress

I had a static web site that tried to mimic a blog without the database and the chronological looping of posts. That didn’t go over too well and as new content was added – it was forced to the bottom and eventually out of the screen view. Here’s is how the page looked before I started using WordPress. You can link to the old page here I will start building the menus and add posts...

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Dressing up the home page with menu and image

Today I added an image to the home page and a short menu with links to other pages in my new domains. I have added two CMS (Content Management Systems) using Drupal and Joomla. Then I added another site for displaying my photos taken with a Nikon D7000 and...

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Welcome – finally!

After experimenting with several WordPress installations, themes, plugins and other add-ons – I have decided to launch this blog officially and let it ride. Over the course of next several weeks – I will be updating this blog site and capturing snapshots so you can see how it has transformed The theme that I am using is the default theme “Twenty Sixteen”. This comes with all new WordPress installations.  Setting up WordPress is very simple if you are familiar with website administration. The host provides an option for customers to use the Click & Build feature that loads the WordPress files, sets up the database and prompts you for information like admin user id, passwords etc.. The caveat with that approach is the home page of this site becomes the WordPress home page which is not what I want. I chose the custom route where I can load the WordPress files where I want them, create the database and enter the information manually. This allows me to set up multiple WordPress databases and link to them from a home page. Here is the first snapshot of the...

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