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Category: Technology

Arduino’s CEO education in question

A meeting cut short with Limor Fried and Phil Torrone of Adafruit asked the current managing director of Arduino AG, Frederico Musto about his MIT credentials. What followed was very surprising – Musto’s LinkedIn profile was immediately updated – removing his pas educational reference except for one – the Montessori School! Source: CEO controversy mars Arduino’s open future |...

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IOT – A new cybersecurity problem

When hackers took aim at the internet’s backbone last year, impeding access to websites like Twitter and Spotify, they did so by weaponizing the Internet of Things — a catch-all category of web-connected devices that includes fitness trackers and smart thermostats

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Augmented-reality contact lenses human-ready

Anyone who has ever dreamed up a sci-fi future in which neon interfaces float in front of us and information exists not on screens, but projected onto our eyes, is likely watching the blossoming wearable technology market with great anticipation

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